Photo: Igor Tsarukov
Style & idea: Nikita Apenka & Nadusha Berry

Despite the fact that I have moved to Europe, I will always remember and love my origins. Actually, I was born and raised as a fashion person in quite strange place such as Minsk, Belarus. 
By the way when I was worked in Milan with some projects my favourite joke was that : "Yeah, I'm from Belarus and we don't have Zara".  Such a mess.
But the main thing is that we do HAVE really great and high-level designers .
And there is TARAKANOVA. Each and every time I can't stop admiring of her works.
So if you will be in Minsk tomorrow come and check by yourself. Make your own opinion. Use your brain to feel it and make your conclusion.
Don't use mine. 

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Fashion & Design

Fashion & Design - are key-words of our Milan project. The idea was to use a design as an object of a material world. Actually to make it was quite difficult because your mind always goes back to the idea of fashion designer, but it is too easy.
So step by step we get an idea to make or human model to be a lamp. A real one floor lamp with the shadows and light bulb.
Next step as always one go the most important for me as a stylist was to translate the idea and to make it readable  for each and every person : from housewife to the fashion insider.
The target was to mix fashion and design together but show them as single part of the art puzzle.
Hope we made it.
Anyway it was a great experience.

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Kucherenko. Life lines

As well as every Kucherenko’s fashion show I can feel every season in Belarusian fashion. Anyway how it goes each and every time I feel inspiration and hope no matter how it goes. This hopeful felling goes from designers. Honestly some of them are so talented and creative that makes me feel proud about that tiny piece of fashion industry. That happens in case of that fact that industry are still in previous century.
One of this flashing light in the darkness if Olga Kucherenko. She is a young designer from Minsk that brings all of her human being and even more in her collections. There is a lot of space for individuality. As for me I love rather difficult philosophical idea inside of fashion that means I love every KUCHERENKO fashion show.

The ideal formula for great design is idea, conceptual, esthetics and a piece of soul in your works. To my mind this brand and designer have it all.

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Cover story 'Life style' Magazine. March 2014

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A year of silence

About a year of silence. It's amazing how many wonderful things can happen in 365 days. My year was full of surprises. Everything around me was so fascinating, that only thing I have to do was learning every and each life lesson. 
I met different people with different stories and everyone gave me some good things. Now I've got a lot to say so I'm work with my stories to organize them in glorious book. Sure, I can make it.
Anyway the main thing that I've recognized was that people like  different cliche. Creating standards and general laws calms them down. As for me everyone should create their own happiness formula and I hope you'll make it.

Always yours 

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