Kucherenko. Life lines

As well as every Kucherenko’s fashion show I can feel every season in Belarusian fashion. Anyway how it goes each and every time I feel inspiration and hope no matter how it goes. This hopeful felling goes from designers. Honestly some of them are so talented and creative that makes me feel proud about that tiny piece of fashion industry. That happens in case of that fact that industry are still in previous century.
One of this flashing light in the darkness if Olga Kucherenko. She is a young designer from Minsk that brings all of her human being and even more in her collections. There is a lot of space for individuality. As for me I love rather difficult philosophical idea inside of fashion that means I love every KUCHERENKO fashion show.

The ideal formula for great design is idea, conceptual, esthetics and a piece of soul in your works. To my mind this brand and designer have it all.

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